CASE: bpost launches bringr in Brussels & Ghent

Bringr is a crowsourced shipping service where everyone gets paid to transport and deliver goods.

In june 2016 Belgium’s leading postal operator bpost launched “bringr” as a test case in the city of Antwerp. Bringr is a crowdsourced shipping service where everyone gets paid to transport and deliver goods. The bringr app links people who want to send goods to others that are willing to pick them up and deliver for a certain fee. The fee depends on the weight, size and distance of delivery. The UX of the app has been made by our Cronos partner Monkeyshot.

After a first evaluation bpost asked us to work out a strategical proposition for the launch in Brussels and Ghent and a way of working to market the bringr service in these 3 major cities during 6 months. The main objective for this test case expansion was to stay ahead of the competition and keep the first mover advantage. In targets that means:
–          increase of daily orders/deliveries
–          activation of new use cases in local businesses
–          collaboration with big omnichannel retailers
–          increase of recurring users

We proposed to work in sprint of 2 weeks (Scrum way of working) in close collaboration with the bringr team to deliver and test different co-created marketing and communication campaigns. Needle provided the strategical and project lead who was responsible for challenging the bringr team, give strategical input and advise. He was also the SPOC towards other creative partners in the &Koo and Cronos network who were linked to this project.

Visit and test the service yourself. It’s already available in Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent.