CASE: Is the Belgian retailer market ready for disruption?

On the request of a big DIY retailer in Belgium, we conducted a thorough research into P2P sharing opportunities within the collaborative economy market.

We looked at the state of this specific market, assessed current initiatives in this domain that both failed & made it into a success and defined the concrete opportunities the customer could pick up immediately. In other words, we identified two new C2C/P2P value proposals that meet the criteria of this new business model.  Next up, we’re evaluating on how to prototype these solutions & validate it with its potential users.

Now, what do we mean with collaborative economy?

The collaborative economy, sometimes called the sharing economy or collaborative consumption, is an economic model based on sharing, swapping, trading or renting products and services. It really reinvents both what we consume and how we consume. This off course poses big challenges for retailers, as people are shifting from owning products to using them only when they need them.

New technologies unlock a hidden wealth of underutilized resources which leads to ‘idling capacity’: untapped social, economic and environmental value of underutilized/idle assets. So, what does this mean concretely? Think about car sharing, social lending, P2P travel, co-working, skill sharing, … Companies like AirBnB, Uber and many others have led the way in these new collaborative lifestyles.

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